Monday, June 17, 2013

The Saturday Ride 6-15

Black Oak-Crawl Hill Extension

Black Oak is probably the most popular loop around Fayetteville. In a matter of minutes you can be out on lightly traveled roads with super views of Ozark landscapes. The standard route has only two somewhat challenging climbs. I decided to add the Crawl Hill extension to get some extra miles in. I'm not sure who gets credit for naming Crawl Hill but it is appropriate. We started earlier then normal because of the heat. There has been no easing into summer this year. I've been trying hard not to complain about the humidity but yesterday while riding the MTB I might as well have been riding in the Amazon.

The farmers have been harvesting hay the last couple weeks. Rolled up bales are everywhere.

About to drop into the valley.

I love this view no matter what time of year it is.


This is the beginning of the Crawl Hill extension. By this point we've already been climbing for a bit then we hang a left onto CR108. Somehow we convinced Josh to stick it out. He dropped a few bombs. I'm bringing the bar of soap next time. 

Not done yet.

You round this corner only to see...

this. 22% then round the next corner to 24%. Only way to go..crawl.

This view and the 8 mile descent into Winslow is well worth it.

Sunday I road sweated over to Lake Fayetteville. Water art. 

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