Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Trail Alert

Mt. Sequoyah...a Loop!

The OORC (Ozark Off Road Cyclists) completed the last bit of trail yesterday making Mt. Sequoyah a legit loop to ride. I gotta say the work they've done is impressive. The new section is easily the smoothest section on the entire 5.7 mile loop. Heath & Zach, a couple of the guys who have been working on this project are encouraging folks to get out and ride it. It will help with compressing the soil. Between Mt. Kessler, Lake Fayetteville & Mt. Sequoyah the city of Fayetteville has some great options for the MTB and you have no need to get in your car. For those living around the area be sure to bring the MTB the next time your in town and check out these fine trails.

What did it take to finish the trail?
"Lots and lots of man hours. We had 15-20 people working yesterday. So figure at least 120 man hours of work just doing bench cutting." ZM

For more information on the OORC click the link below.

One of the features.

Check out the compression on the front tire.

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