Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tips: Riding in the Frigging Cold

Slow your roll...

One way to beat winters chill and avoid indoor cycling is to slow the bike down. Mountain biking is the only way to roll on sub freezing days. I do this by putting a super heavy wheel/tire combo on and running ultra low air pressure. Trust me, you won't spend much time over 15 mph. There is a HUGE difference in windchill between a 11mph average and 19mph average on ├╝ber cold days. Plus the 'dar' woods gives additional protection from wind. I gotta believe the extra resistance is good for building leg strength. It's a win-win albeit a chilly win-win. If you despise indoor cycling like I do this is a great option. I went for the double crown last Sunday. The triple crown is riding Mt. Kessler, Mt. Sequoyah and Lake Fayetteville. The double is any two of the three. Ended up with almost 3 hours inside the city limits. Fayettevillians you have it so good when it comes to mountain biking. Three trail systems and little to no driving.

Get out! Enjoy these great trails. Don't let winter slow you down!