Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

WHF is grateful for the following and The Bike Route is pumped to keep you warm on the bike this winter.

The randomly selected winner is! Christopher Collins 

You will need to scroll down to my profile (bottom) click on my name then click email. You can reach out to me via email to collect your prize!

My personal favorites from the comments are....
-thick Yankee blood
-beard (good luck with that one ladies)
-love of the sport
-cup of tea
-polar bear suit (hard to shed come spring though)

Stay tuned for more cool giveaways and head on over to TBR to start your Christmas shopping today! Tell them Wheels Hot Fayetteville sent ya!

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Ride fast, be safe & steer clear of hypothermia,


Unknown said...

You completely misspelled my name. :-(

Robin G said...

Ha! Good one. Thanks again for participating. Check back for more opportunities to win other cool products.