Monday, November 11, 2013

The Saturday Ride 11/9

Cool crisp morning, perfect fall weather. A great group showed up to tackle the Tripleberg Loop (3,000 feet of gain in 50 miles). The bunch was in a good mood and the ride had tons of spirit. It's just too nice outside to not ride this time of year.

One of the things I enjoy about cycling is socializing or not socializing. It's perfectly fine to keep to yourself in the bunch or you can chat it up.

Lots of places to hide from the wind today.

About 25 or so. We had a few Cat 5 moments. 

I love the four seasons.

First regroup after the Lincoln climb and city limit sprint.

One of my favorite stretches.

Rolling twisty terrain.

The view after this rise is spectacular.

Too fun.

Man...what a morning.

From the front.

Some brilliant colors at the top of four corners.

Looking back.

This descent always makes me smile. Someone said it was like a great ski run. Perfect description.


Next up, Hell's Kitchen.

The bunch is shredded. 

True top of HK.

Great morning. In good company.

Lo-vember. Grow leg hair in November. It could be the next great awareness movement. What should we make folks aware of?

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