Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Saturday Ride 11/17

Whirlwind puts it mildly. Tasted our first real wind of the fall/winter riding season on Saturday. Blustery wind in fall and spring are telltale signs that the seasons are really changing. I didn't factor in the wind when deciding on what route and direction we would ride. We spent most of our time in the teeth of it. Another great group clipped in to toil with the elements. These are the days I prefer the bunch over the solo.

Starting temps 60's
Wind 15 SSW
Gusts 20-30
Rain looming

I went with a version of Round Mountain loop keeping us close to town if the weather turned.

Echelon skills put to the test.

Big tree.

Horizon line.

Round Mountain to the left.

Round Mountain is a deceptive climb. You really start going up once you turn off 45.

After the second pitch you have this scenic expanse. Still going up though. Today it was a wind tunnel.

second ramp + headwind = no man's land

In a race this would be a 'spot of bother.'

Three more stairs to step. Each one getting steeper & longer.


A day when you wish you could use the entire road.

Observations from the bunch.

Mambo italiano!

berserker green seat stays + berserker green accents on Sidi shoes = PRO

Finally the wind at our backs for the last few miles.

Had some guys from the Walmart team come down from B-ville. Good times and thanks for making the drive.

Another great Ozark morning.

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