Monday, November 4, 2013

Worlds Colliding

Smoke-n-Suds CX Race

I had a blast racing cyclocross yesterday. A big thanks to the DE PiJP Racing crew for putting on the races. You can tell these folks have genuine passion for cyclocross. CX racing is different. Worlds colliding is what comes to mind. Racers from the road, MTB and CX scene all coming together to participate in such a spectacle. I enjoyed getting heckled (mostly by my wife) every lap and achieved my goal of not being last but it wasn't easy. I wonder why cross racing isn't a bigger deal in Arkansas? It is the most spectator friendly discipline in bicycle racing and a ton of fun. This race only cost $20 which is unheard of in bicycle racing these days. Good stuff. I hope this scene continues to grow in Arkansas. Thanks again DE PiJP! 

Hot cup a Joe.

The spoils. Super cool beer steins. 

Don't sweat the technique. 

Pretty good.

Harder and harder after each lap.

Vince, can I please cat-down? Nope.



Good times.



Unknown said...

I have tried it before but I just think it is boring. My personal opinion.

Robin G said...

G, I respect that.