Wednesday, February 5, 2014

STRAVA Premium: Follow Up

I wrote a post a while back asking if STRAVA premium membership was worth the coin. I've been a premium member for about a month. So, what does $4.92 a month get you? I've been really enjoying two features thus far.

Route Builder is way more pleasant to use then Mapmyride. The map is not cluttered with advertisements and uses the entire screen as opposed to a tiny portion of the screen. Navigation in general is easier and intuitive. 

Once you build a route you save them in My Routes and can share them. Super helpful as a ride organizer. I've always liked maps.

The other feature is in the new Training section. I just discovered THESUFFERFEST videos. 

Indoor cycling is the new reality this winter.

I totally dislike indoor cycling but THESUFFERFEST videos make it a little better.

One hour in the Fight Club.

I find the videos easy to follow.



Real race footage makes a HUGE difference. World Championships.

The distractions are welcome. 

Clawed my way up to Cadel's wheel.

This was a tough section. Gnarly crosswinds but super scenic errrr not.

Digging deep now. Looking back to see the carnage.

I actually started laughing. Then I threw myself into the teeth of Tony's wheel.

Just when you think the bunch is settling.

The videos are great and I can honestly say one hour went by pretty quick.

Heat Map is interesting. I'm not sure of it's usefulness yet. It shows your most frequented routes in varying colors. Apparently I spend a lot of time commuting to work.

My initial's worth the coin if you ride or run a lot and you like data. I haven't even tapped into power or heart rate data yet. I 'm looking forward to exploring more of what premium membership has to offer. If you have a feature that you really like please comment below. I would love to know what to checkout next.


Unknown said...

My beef with Strava is they don't support the barometric sensors and bluetooth 4.0 in the new androids.
The barometric sensor in my galaxy is as good as the Garmin 500.I have to rely in other apps change the phone id to garmin 500, so Strava doesn't mess with altitude data.
Bluetooth 4.0 support, I would be to connect all the sensors to the phone with low energy. I have to depend on a different app to do that too.
Other than that the premium features look great.

Robin G said...

G, now that is some tech speak. I'm not familiar with Galaxy. Are you saying the elevation data is not accurate with STRAVA via your Galaxy?

Unknown said...

Newer phones (android only) come with barometric sensors as the Garmin. It means that real elevation data can be recorded in the data.
Older android phones and iPhone don't have barometric sensors, so Strava estimates the elevation using the USA map elevation data. This is the reason, there is a big difference in elevation data when you use your iPhone and the Garmin. On the other hand, the galaxy barometric sensor produces accurate elevation data as the Garmin. Strava keeps telling they need time to test the sensors which I call bs because the developers of my alternative apps did it in one day with much less resources.

Robin G said...

Man! I didn't know you were so tech savvy. Thanks for the information. One last thing. How do you like the Galaxy?

Unknown said...

I like it a lot. It has good battery life, nice screen size, in the right days you can buy it for $0.heavy duty. I can't think on something, I would like different.

Robin G said...

Thanks G!

Unknown said...

I noticed the elevation differences too. I have Galaxy S3. On another note, I bought a Chromecast device today which I hope will allow streaming of the Sufferfest videos (and other content) from Strava to my TV. Big screen, better sound than laptop. Will report back.

Robin G said...

Please do report back Jeff. I would love to stream it on the tube.


Unknown said...

The chromecast worked great streaming youtube videos through my son's iPad. I watched 2013 Amstel gold race on TV while riding. It did not work with sufferfest via strava. I think it is because it is not part of Strava's mobil app? Confident it will work with a laptop/TV combination but I haven't tried it yet.

Robin G said...

Awesome! Thanks for the info. Jeff. I will have to look into this.

Unknown said...

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