Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wandering at the LBS

Anyone else enjoy just wandering around the local bike shop? I know I do. It's akin to wandering around Sam's Club without a shopping list. In the age of shopping on the web there is still much to say for physically seeing products and talking to knowledgeable people. The good folks at The Bike Route are kind enough to put up with my occasional loitering! A few observations from a recent visit.

  Ahhh...The Moots handmade in the USA. Work of art I say.

Shimano (Japanese) Dura Ace groupset. French hoops. Italian tires & saddle. The Chris King (USA) headset did not go unnoticed. I bet it's fun to do these custom builds.

Big League Chew? Nah, super light (60g) latex tubes. You know a tube isn't cheap if it comes in a clear plastic package...not to mention pink. Be sure you don't have a hangnail when installing.  

Whaa..what? Stand up paddleboard (SUP) in a bike shop? If you haven't tried it you do not know what you are missing. Talk to Ben (shop owner) next time you are in. I think they might even be renting them.

This bike is spec'd nicely. Only one thing doesn't add up. 

New kits! Mambo Italiano. Super excited about trying Giordana for the first time.