Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Saturday Ride 2/15

Man! What a difference a little sunshine and warmer temps make. It was still chilly but way better than what we've been experiencing. Hopefully the warm days start to outnumber the cold ones. I chose one of the most classic routes for the ride today. The Winslow Death March. Technically it's not the actual Death March going clockwise because it's much easier. But it still has a mix of everything. I wonder who named this route?

Loving the new kits.

With racing season so close the pace was hot from the get go.

Luis G had us lined out pretty good. He's riding well.

Coming out of Winslow we hit a steep little kicker.

Getting shelled left and right.

The hard part is just around this corner.


A look back.

Up up up up up!

10 miles to Devil's Den from Winslow. It's one of the funnest stretches of road going in this direction.  Refuel stop in the park.

Metal is still alive! Ben C's Serotta caught my eye. I like the polished/brushed look. 

Serious coin leaning up against this rail.

I'm a Cannondale fan. Partly because they've been nailing their paint schemes the last couple years.

Sunshine O'plenty.

Devil's Den is a great park.

Gustavo G is the only Colombian that I know. Pretty sure he didn't shed a single layer the whole ride.

With the wind at our backs it was fast & furious from here on out.

Bicycle riding + sunshine = soul food.

After the Strickler sprint my legs started to disagree with my mind. An argument ensued...the mind lost.

One citation for improper bike lean. 

One citation for improper valve stem length. I bet this wheel is out of balance.

Great route, good folks & tons of spirit. 

This stuff tastes great. I hope it helps, I definitely need it.

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