Monday, February 24, 2014

The Saturday Ride 2/22

"Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the nail" (ADTR).

Ever show up to a group ride and realize you're in trouble after the first hard acceleration. You keep hoping the legs will come around. After awhile you realize it's not going to happen and survival mode kicks in. I was the nail this Saturday but that's one of the things that makes cycling unique. You can ride in the wheels out of the wind, even on a bad day. We headed north to tackle a version of the Barking Dog loop. Rolling curvy terrain. Throw in some gnarly wind and you feel like you've ridden your bike at the end.  About 50 miles with 3,000 feet gain. 

The ride started off with a bang  more like a pop followed by a clickclickclickclickclick.

Paul B's rear mech. was a loss.  

Dropping down to the lower Beaver Lake area. 

Are you looking for turbulence behind that helmet? You won't find any. #freewatts #freespeed #notreallyfreehelmetsareexpensive

Sunrise is now at 6:59. It's plenty high & pumping out plenty of warmth by 8.

Heading towards 412.

This is the point where photoging is a challenge. They ain't gonna wait!

The bunch.

This stretch was a recent discovery for me. I love finding new roads to ride.

With race season approaching there's hardly a dull moment.

Back on Barking Dog a classic route.

Tons of turns.

Rollers galore. 

Super fun in a group, at speed.

Back of the tail getting whipped pretty good.

You can't drop off too far or you won't see the bunch again until the next regrouping point.

Solar panels soaking it all in.


Fighting for position in the crosswind was good practice.

In the wheels. The nails view.

Headwind grind. 

Awesome morning even with the thrashing.

Bitte ein Bit! One reason I love to ride is I love to eat. PCG made asparagus soup with a dollop of garlic herb cheese & seared zucchini paired up with a Naan sandwich, prosciutto & sharp white cheddar cheese. Let's Eaaaaat!