Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Bike Route Giveaway! Ended

Winner winner chicken dinner! Congrats to Dave Thomas. Get in touch with me to find out how to collect your prize. 

Big thank you to The Bike Route for being an awesome sponsor.

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It's February. The sun is shining. What does it all mean? It's time to give something away! WHF sponsor The Bike Route has generously supplied two of my favorite products to giveaway.


Thunderbolt tail light & TRUE 250 head light.

Handlebar & helmet mount. 

Compact, no wires or battery pack.

This is the best tail light for the dollar. 

So how do I win? Tell me who your favorite cyclist is (and why) in the comment section. Ready set....OMAHA GO!

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1:Scroll down click Post a Comment
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The Rules
The winner will be randomly selected. 
The winner will be announced in a couple days.
Must be in the continental US (for mailing purposes)


Unknown said...

Ben Upchurch because he always looks sooo pro and doesn't take drugs.


J. Hayes said...

My brother, because even though I am slow I can compensate by talking about my pro little brother.

Wes Bradshaw said...

Lance Armstrong for making us all look bad.

Richard Holt said...

Marcel Kittel- He weighs 190lbs and still wins lots of races.

Paxton Roberts said...

My 6-year-old daughter for having the courage to ride the single track at Lake Fayetteville even after I tried to talk her out of it.

Unknown said...

Peter Van Petegem, Belgian hard man and Museeuw underdog.

Life in the day of Me said...

T. Wood, cause in another time on another day with a little push, he could have been a contender...

Curtis Luckett said...

Dario Pieri, the fastest chubby guy of all time:

jonjohn said...

Danny MacAskill because he breaks the law of gravity when on a bike.

Unknown said...

Laurent Jalabert - one of a few who won one day classics, the polka dot jersey, the green jersey, the yellow and world champion. Bam!

Scott Hamilton said...

Chris Horner because we are the same age and he still kicks ass.

Robin G said...

We've had some goods so far. The picture of Dario Pieri is awesome. Thanks Curtis! Keep'em coming.

Dave Thomas said...

Magnus Backstad, for allowing so many riders to hide behind him, protected from the elements!

Wes Bradshaw said...

Laurent was an animal!

Matthew said...

The guy pictured above because not only does he get it done in the Classics, there's nothing funnier to read than Fabianese on Twitter.

Matthew said...

Unless that's not Cancellara. Looks like him but don't remember him riding for Saxo.

Preston Stewart said...

Danny MacAskill because he posts epic videos.

Robin G said...

Matthew, indeed that is Fabu! I'll have to check him on twitter for sure.

Unknown said...

Lucho Herrera. I like him because he was one of our best Colombian cyclist. Raised in a humble environment and without the European resources, Colombia cycling was one of the best in class.

John Marquette said...

My favorite cyclist is Dick Nelson of Fayetteville,Ar. Dick encouraged me to start riding on some easy efforts and patiently rode with me until I improved some. He's the reason I kept riding. JM

Tommy Morrow said...

Bob Roll! Old school and always has colorful comments on the major tours.

Blake Hanby said...


Michael Kirk said...

Pro has to be Cancellara. Non-pro Dennis Moore. A great guy, and awesome to ride with for beginners.

Perry Wilson said...

Johnny Hoogerland b/c any dude that gets run into a barb-wire fence and still gets up and finishes the stage is a Bad Arse.

Marc Alley said...

Evelyn Stevens, because most of us probably wish we could have quit our day jobs after discovering road cycling and rode for a living. She fortunately had the talent to so.

Philip Baker said...

That's a tough one. But I'd have to say King Kelly, if for no other reason than the awesome anecdote in Rule #11. But he was a badass in the Classics and the Grand Tours. The only drawback…not Belgian.

Robin G said...

Nice! Thanks Marc A, our first female cyclist.

Unknown said...

Jens Voight, Because strikes fear in the peleton every time he goes off the front.

Dori said...

Amy Dombroski, for living her short life to the fullest & always with a smile on her face (even when covered in mud). - Dori

Tim Ray said...

Bob Cable. Not just for the fact he rides for the joy of it...he's got a g-damn magnificent beard and is still faster than most up hill...

Scott Walnofer said...

Anyone who was built like a fire hydrant, but could still mix it up with the climbers has to make this list. Yes. Vino....not the wine but the 'kourov. Drugs aside of course. Also, Tom Boonen (specifically at 2002 Roubaix). Sorry George.

Philip Baker said...

I think I goofed and somehow deleted my original post. But my choice hasn't changed; King Kelly total BA, in the classics and the Grand Tours. And arguably greatest Irish athlete of all time.

Aaron Garrison said...

Niki Gudex, she is pretty much a bad ass!

Jon Landes said...

Pat Zimmerman! The 40 Something Superhero!
One of the Toughest Cyclist I know, and can tell an awesome Big Ring Tale!

Unknown said...

Lance Armstrong because he is innocent.

Robin G said...

Some pretty great names mentioned. From PRO's to kiddos. A bunch of local inspiring types too. No one mentioned the female version of Eddy Merckx-Marianne Vos. Keep'em coming!

Greg martin said...

Mark Griesse because he let me borrow a bike one year ago and got me into the sport of cycling. I just wish I could keep up with him.

Mitchell Pearce said...

Marshall "Major" Taylor. Ruled the sport back when cycling was a popular spectator sport in the US

Zachary McCool said...

The Queen of Pain Rebecca Rusch, followed closely by Ned Overend! They are both kicking A$$ and taking names long after most people would of retired. I hope to be half as fast one day.

Jason Alvarado said...

Greg Lemond- It doesn't get easier, you just get faster.

Unknown said...

Tom Boonen - gritty, tough and classy (except for the whole cocaine and girls thing a few years back)

Randy Jackson said...

Jens Voigt. I can't find my favorite Jens story, but this is pretty good...

Hope to ride w/ you guys tomorrow. Hasta,

Anonymous said...

Rob G..
Enough said....

PaigeCG said...

I'm with Jake.

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