Sunday, February 2, 2014

Last Corner

That man on the tube said this winter is the 7th coldest on record for Fayetteville. I have no trouble believing him. The good news's February which means we are almost through it. The bad news's February which means we are in the thick of it. Cold dark mornings are starting to pileup in my mind. Low grumble. Furled brow. Teeth clinched. But the warm winds of spring are just round that last corner. Take a moment, imagine those first rides without arm/leg warmers. When short sleeve jerseys (and shorts of course) are all you need. Tan lines return. Chatter in the bunch increases twenty-fold. It is coming...and in the slipstream is a great calendar of events. February is the last corner. How much more we will appreciate the warm days ahead. For those of you who have no desire to fight the old man of the North, the racing season is a long one. It's not your job, it'll be okay. For those of you determined to be good in the early season it's time to bear down and find that little bit of inspiration. Sometimes it is a slow grind. So here's to all the WHF followers out there slogging it out. Good luck this February! Stay tuned for another great giveaway from The Bike Route!

State of the Union + trainer = shoot me in the face. I DO NOT recommend this combo.

I did manage to scope out some new bike path this week. Bridge connection to Walker Park.

And then...7 inches of the white stuff.

We have had issues with ice dams and water backing up into the house. This is the MACH25 from Gillette.

Even PCG got into it. Good lady.

I'm done with winter. How about you?


Jon Landes said...

I'm with you big Rob! Getting 3 day of sub 0 with all three days dropping snow!!! It's happening every week now, and a pain in the posterior!! Like the Mach 5, and you'll never see Miss Adrian out like that...

Oh, and like the new look..

Robin G said...

Thanks Jon! Being from CO that's saying something. Before you know it spring will be here. We just need to get through the last rough patch! Cabin fever!