Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chasing the Sun

Last night was the first Tuesday Night World Championships of 2014. I'm sure most cycling communities have a version of this. It's that ride where team tactics are put aside and everyone is there to get a really good intense workout. It's that ride where attacking is welcomed and earns respect. You might even receive a few text messages during the day that say something like "I'm going to rip your legs off" or "better bring your knives." City limit signs might as well be the finish line at Joe Martin and hill tops are taken with brute military like force. The weather was perfect as we tore through the streets of Fayetteville chomping at the bit to feel the wind on bare skin. I finally got to hang up the arm/knee warmers, base layer and thick gloves. Here's to daylight-saving time, forthcoming spring and chasing the sun. 

I invite anyone interested in a hard race like workout to come mix it up with us. I promise we only bark, we don't bite. Every Tuesday a group leaves from The Bike Route at 5:30 and the main group leaves at 6 from Brit's & Turks. There are usually one or two regrouping points on the ride. We don't wait long...

Dickson St.

Shoulder Center photo bomb. Youngish looking Gustavo G.


Green bridge but if you are from West Fork it's Woolsey bridge.

Chat when you can then it's back at it.

Bring your taillight.


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