Saturday, March 8, 2014

Promoting a Bicycle Race Part 1

There are a lot of things that must happen to put on a bicycle race. A lot of good folks give up their time, equipment, land and facilities so that we bicycle racers can enjoy this great sport. I really get a kick out of helping put on Hell's Kitchen every year. Don't get me wrong, at some point I will say to myself this is my last year but when you see the satisfaction on the faces of participants after the races it always seems to re-energize me. This year we have a new race the Fayetteville Grand Prix promoted by two of my teammates Jason B & Nathan B. This will happen next Saturday before Hell's Kitchen. The idea is to have a weekend of bicycle racing. Here is a preview of the FGP course held on a private race track. To find out more about the events click on the links above. To all my cycling friends, please help us promote these events by liking/sharing via social media. Come on out and race!

When you see the 'Life Savers' tower you know you have arrived.

Sweeping switchback turns starting the climb. The race is in the opposite direction that we are walking.

This is looking in the race direction.

Headed towards the steepest pitch. Don't worry, we will have the mud cleared off. 

This is looking down the climb.

A short kicker that will surely make this race interesting.

At the top!

What goes up..must go...


Here is a look back at the descent.

The final corner before...

the finishing straight. This is gonna be a drag race!

You will get the point. The course at speed.

CLIF BAR is back supporting Hell's Kitchen and the KOM/QOM prime. It's the first one up Hell's Kitchen in your category and you will get some sweet swag. Thanks CLIF BAR! Getty up folks stay tuned for part 2.

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