Monday, March 3, 2014

Random Stuff

I couldn't make it to Little Rock for the Cross Winds Classic and The Highway 71 Classic was rescheduled for March 23rd. Not much to report from the local scene. The Saturday ride was sparse since most folks were racing. It was a weird weekend with the weather. From 60° on Saturday to 20° on Sunday. The rain, ice, sleet, thunder, lightning, kitchen, sink, cats, dogs and 20° temp was a real odd combination.

Congrats to teammate Richard H. First win of the 2014 season for Three Happy Cows Cycling Team. Arkansas Outside has great coverage of the race. Click here.

Foggy Fayetteville.

Arkie Rant: Dude...why are you riding down one of the busiest roads in Arkansas on Friday at rush hour?

Arkie Rant: STRAVA segments on the bike path? Come on people...seriously! 

Okay, okay...calm it down with 11 lbs of Cannondale glory.

My good friend DP just purchased this Scalpel. I was with him when he hit the trail for the first time. At one point I looked back and saw the biggest grin on his face. I get a huge kick out of helping folks discover cycling. More often than not, they get hooked!

Let's Eat! PCG had a new menu on tap for Saturday. Pulled pork sliders, served with slaw on Hawaiian buns. The house smelled incredible while this thing was cooking.

I've been enjoying the variety packs lately.

The wine tasting competition was great. Mainly because you get to sample so many different wines.

And time. It's well known that I am not a gamer but even the grumpy old man had a few belly laughs. When it's your wife's birthday you play the game dang it!

Proof that men can play games....and win.

On a cold crazy winter weather Sunday morning, I curled up next to this contraption with a cup a Joe. #Tomkeforthewin #KBK


Zachary McCool said...

11 lb bike? What bike is it? Your new wonder bike?

Robin G said...

I wish! They were building this up for a much wealthier TBR patron. Cannondale EVO HIMOD. Sub 700 gram frame.