Sunday, March 16, 2014

Promoting a Bicycle Race Part 2

Three Happy Cows Cycling Team just finished promoting the Fayetteville Grand Prix & Hell's Kitchen races. Once a year the team pulls together to give back to the sport we love. It really does take a team effort to make this all happen. Unfortunately we cannot control the weather... A HUGE thank you to our volunteers who sacrificed time & equipment to make all of this happen. A HUGE thank you to our sponsors. A HUGE thank you to the racers. Your passion for cycling was evident. So cool to be apart of all this. 

To read a recap through the eyes of PRO rider Stephan Hall (Incycle-Predator) please click here for a link to Cycling Illustrated. 

This is what the back of a race a promoters vehicle looks like.

Bottom of the Hell's Kitchen climb.

HK promoter Mark G getting in the thick of it. This year was particularly terrible.  

Making friends with local Arkies is important.

Switching gears. The Fayetteville Grand Prix was held at a spectacular venue. A HUGE thanks to Mel Collier for allowing us to use CDS Farms & Motorsports Park.

Masters field...going up.

FGP promoter Nathan B having a chat.

I think the moto refs had as much fun as the bike racers.

Super backdrop.

At the crest about to...

bomb the descent.

Going, going...


Last corner before the start/finish.

Ben U hamming it up.

Danny H doing everything to cheat the wind.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Three Happy Cows Yogurt was a huge hit among bike racers, spectators & kids. Click the link, like them on Facebook to see when they will hit grocery shelves near you.

Big thanks to Greg Martin for bringing the Arvest grill and feeding a bunch of hungry folks. He's a regular on the Saturday ride (when it's not hunting season).

It was cool to watch racers negotiate this high speed corner.

JV in no man's land chasing for 3rd in category 4.


FGP promoter Jason B leading the bunch.

Tons of great shots on this course.

The Captain has a go.

BMC chases. Came down to a two team duel. Super interesting race regarding tactics.

Curtis L for the win!

Even the kiddos had a great time.

UCI continental team Incycle-Predator dominated the PRO field.

BikeRace from Patrick Carter on Vimeo.

And then...

all Hell (frozen version) broke loose.

The old white church, saving us from the elements.

The coveted pitchfork. Super cool (& practical) awards provided by Creative Awards, Inc. Are you in need of awards for an event? Click here to find out more about Creative Awards, Inc.

We have a super USAC officiating crew in NWA.

Bike racer turned corner marshal for the day.



Suffering & victory.

Johnny Law, a regular on the Saturday ride raced both days with great results.

Racers came across the line in shock. It was amazing to see.

I thought this STRAVA ride title was appropriate.


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