Thursday, May 23, 2013

Minimalist or Boy Scout?

What do you hang underneath your bum?

I'm talking about the saddle bag of course. Where does style meet function? Or does it? I have some folks who don't carry a saddle bag at all and throw everything in their jersey pockets. Anti-saddle baggers..rule 29 believers. I've seen a plain tube and mini pump strapped on underneath the saddle. So minimal you could hardly tell it was even there. Then you have the opposite end of the spectrum. The lunch boxers. Boy Scouters. know what I'm talking about. A ginormous bag that sways back and forth with every pedal stroke. Be careful, the metronome like rhythm will put you to sleep if you stare at it too long. What's in there? Swiss Army knife, maps, compass, bear spray, glock, cheeseburger? Then you have the crazy stuff from the TRI world. The double barrel rocket launchers. Twin bottle-seat mounted-all in one-with pump-multi tool-tube-saddle bag-plus extra Co2 cartridge holder-bottle ejection devices. They scare me a little.

I like to think I fall somewhere in the middle of saddle bag madness. Sooo...not a lunch box more like a snack bag. This time of year my longest rides are 3 hours or so and usually with a group. So I roll pretty minimal. In the winter when rides are longer with less people to rely on I'll take an additional Co2 & tube in a slightly larger bag.

I would love to know what you WHF followers are carrying under your bums. What is your junk below the trunk philosophy? Perhaps I need to add something to my bag. Is there a 'must have' that I'm missing? Anyone out there rolling with Road ID? Was that a fad or legit? You can leave your comments below. Just hit the comments button. Thanks!

Locked & loaded. Is there an arms race going on in Triathlon? 

I get it. TRI folks ride long distances and the TRI  TT bike does not allow for some of the more traditional methods of strapping on bags & bottles. 

Saddle bagless. About 4-5 folks on the World's ride last night observe rule 29. It's such a clean look but I need my jersey pockets for food, cell phone and third bottle.

No rocket launcher saddle bag. P4 looks lean and fast. Bottle mounted up front on the aero bars. Notice Jason doesn't have a tube or pump in his jersey pocket. Hmmm?

Strap design is a little suspect. PK's stuff fell off during the ride last night. 

JANDD makes a great small saddle bag. Rear access is key for me. You don't have to remove the bag to get inside. What's in this bag?

Innovations inflator & 16 gram Co2. Looks like I haven't had a flat in a while. Co2 label has rubbed off. Just gave myself bad luck. 

One tube.

Two zip ties with electric tape on the end. Two patches cut from mtb inner tube. Zip ties are handy for just about anything. My lawn mower currently runs on gasoline and zip ties! The mtb patches work better then dollars or energy bar wrappers.

Multi-tool & tire lever. You can always use your skewer lever if the tire lever breaks. Thanks for the tip Heath! The all important Powerlink. Your ride could be over without this little guy.

I really love the Blackburn's slimmed down profile. Fits easily in the bag or jersey pocket. Main things I want in a multi-tool are chain breaker and basic allen key sizes for saddle, cleat and bar adjustment. 

Emergency Coke fund. Two dollars goes a looooong way in the heat of summer. 

All right folks. Let's hear it! What kind of junk do you have under your trunk? Comment below.

 Cyclists riding by barn pic, a couple more shots from the ride last night.

Last night's ride was fast. I was definitely the nail. Good times! 

At the end of the day we all have our own style and variety is a good thing.


Steve S said...

In addition to the other stuff in my seat bag, I carry a cotton ball. If I flat I want to see if something is still sticking through the tire (thorn, piece of glass, etc.). I rub the cotton ball around on the inside of the tire. If something is sticking through, a piece of cotton will be snagged. Beats finding the problem by drawing blood.

Robin G said...

Thanks Steve! That's a great idea. One cotton ball will be added to my bag for sure!

Unknown said...

A latex glove is useful for the same thing Steve mentioned above, and comes in handy if you have to do any on the spot bike maintenance. Keeps the hands clean!

Robin G said...

Snap! Another good idea. Little JANDD is getting fuller by the comment!

Jason V said...

I converted the P4's integrated water bottle. I have my spare tube, co2, pink rabbits foot, etc... all stuffed inside. So stealth, you didn't even know!

Robin G said...

Nice! Doesn't look like it could hold much liquid anyways. Wish my bike had a hidden compartment.

Unknown said...

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