Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Bottle Night

system check 1-2, check 1...
slow roll to shop
thick as butter, hard to breath this stuff
what?...101 you say, fools to the slaughter
dang, 20+, guess we are fools together
Yellow Kit...ride just got harder
wind direction? SW
6:01, Quintana still pumping up tires, sorry bra you know the rules
drink, first bottle gone
note to self, first surge Farmington city limit
'tower this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby'
'negative Ghost Rider the pattern is full'
just need to be near the front, make the split
steady..steady..keep an eye on Green Socks
BAM! Green Socks gets it
MG's creeping...I know what he...BOOM...counter
who's gonna pull? don't even look at me
Yellow Kit?
turn red..turn red..YES..
drink, arhg bath water..second bottle gone
AF work together
Mountain Biker, taking huge pulls, impressed
not enough collab, gooiinngg..goooiiinnnggg..gooooone
too hot to stop
good deal, Quintana and Huge Calves caught up
PG hill not too bad
water stop 40 minutes in, it's a sizzler
Viney Grove-in Savoy Loop
chill pace, tons of chatter, lets just roll like...
nope, JMSR on a flyer
coming back now
float..float follow the wheels
who's gonna...
MG & The Captain go..that could stay off
float..float follow the wheels
Huge Calves wants to bridge, asked if I want a go
regrettably must decline the offer, know thy limits tonight
drifting back looking for a spot
New Guy better tell me he's on the hip or he'll end up
dam, what just happened, at the end of this tail
yo-yo ma
pace seems higher
who the..Yellow Kit..shoulda known
that was a pull
all together
drink, third bottle gone
small wrinkle ahead, folks starting to look at each other
get to the front
captain to engine room, give'r all ya got
choose wisely...don't get on a boat anchors wheel
teeth showing, this is painful
what goes up must come...
look alive son, this stretch is always hot
float and follow
wish it was float & sting, not tonight
drink, fourth bottle gone
stair step coming
move up
gotta make it over the first pitch
still in the big, good sign
haanngg on
second pitch
regroup for a..
third pitch..get ready...
JP Cervelo attacka..
got nothing
the run to Wheeler Hill is gonna be brutal
Yellow Kit's legs been kinda quiet, singing & carrying on with foreign tongues
that's why we all like Yellow Kit, rips your legs off while making ya laugh
spoke too soon
Yellow Kit and State Champ have a go
this is gonna suck
sorry fellas, no help tonight
Green Socks throws himself into the teeth
damage control, everything is beeping, loosing altitude rapidly
captain to engine room shut'r down
drink, fifth bottle gone
Quintana nice pull, but I got nothing left, carry on without me
Wait, who's that up ahead? engage tractor beams
The Lawyer JB
he has the look of a thousand deaths
hand him a Clif Shot
every wrinkle now
limping along, wounded, battered, beaten
I offer The Lawyer JB a Coke and a ride home
He accepts the Coke but declines the ride home
thatta boy, finish this...

Good times.

Storms were all around us last night and the clouds looked super cool.

It's great to see so many folks out on a super hot night. A good sign that cycling is alive & well around here.


Unknown said...

Bravo! Nice recap. Thanks for a look inside the mind of a Tuesday night rider.

Robin G said...

Thank you kind sir. What a night. What a group. Too much fun to be had!

Anonymous said...

Super cool breakdown. Sweet

Robin G said...