Monday, July 15, 2013

The Saturday Ride 7-13

The Saturday ride was great. Fun route and a good group showed up. As a ride organizer I try to get the group on something different each week. It's great to get on roads you haven't been on for awhile and we are fortunate to have a wide variety of route options. We rolled out by way of the Hell's Kitchen race course but took a right before the HK climb on 4 Corners Rd. which has a challenging climb then on to Greasy  Griesse Valley Rd. We had some new faces in the group which is always fun. It's great to have the opportunity to meet different folks from all parts of the community. That's another cool thing about cycling. The variety of occupations and personalities that make up the bunch brings a lot of color to the ride. It's funny to think each week we gather to share a few hours together riding bicycles through the Ozarks. Pretty neat. 

Po Po

 Jason is a regular on the Saturday ride. He showed up in the wrong kit.

 Notice his water bottle cage also holds an AR-15. Not sure which shop in town sells these cages. 

The saddle. 

The bunch.

One of my favorite stretches of road is just past the Hogeye 'Mall'.

Look ma no...

You get some nice shade. 

With excellent curvy rolling roads. 

The west side of the HK course is a tougher stretch. Usually headwind with more ups then downs.

The chase. 

The little rise before the 4 Corners turn broke the bunch up. 

First ramp on the 4 Corners climb.

I like this climb because it stair steps allowing you to recover some. 

This bit is the steepest section. Then you get a little break before the last short pitch. The climb is shy of 2 miles with about 500 feet of gain.

The reward for getting over 4 Corners is Greasy  Griesse Valley Rd.

It's really scenic and usually tailwind. We had a really nice tailwind pushing us on Saturday. The bunch got inspired and the wheels went hot pretty quick. 

In the winter I've seen several Bald Eagles on this section of road.

These little rises feel like nothing with the wind behind you.

Eric is a tiny dot up the road. 

Dropping down to 62.


Let's Eat! Nomad's Natural Plate has been hitting the spot lately after long rides. Salty fries taste so good after you've earned them. 

Farmer's Market was packed. Still had trouble finding good tomatoes. What's up with that? Perhaps we are just getting there too late and the good ones are all gone.

Folks out enjoying a cool Ozark morning. 

 Let's Eat! Paige made a killer crab meat, bacon, two cheese quiche the other day served with summer salad. Spring greens, peaches, roasted pine nuts, avocado and blue cheese crumbles. I'm pretty spoiled.

This is the new look. It's all the rage ladies.

A little paddle boarding adventure.


Have any of you seen 40/29 News lately talking about L-B-D. Lucky-Black-Dog. The city has tried to capture him nearly 100 times since 2006. The news ran several stories last week on the infamous LBD and animal services did a big 'sting' operation Thursday night. This is LBD on Friday. Such an outlaw. Some dogs were not meant to be owned I guess. Here's to you LBD a local legend. 

Last but not least. I rode the Mt. Sequoya trails several times last week. Some challenging single track practically hidden right under our noses. It took me a couple runs to figure out the funnest way to ride the trail. It's definitely something I'll be mixing in from time to time. You would never guess you are surrounded by a city when you drop in. Totally gives you the feeling that your in the middle of nowhere but your not. The OORC has recently service the trail and it's in good shape.

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