Monday, July 1, 2013

The Saturday Ride 6-29

What a difference the north wind makes. Humidity is all but gone. I was really starting to get on with the heat. I tried to get out for a little bit each day in the afternoons and ride super slow. You know your starting to adjust when you come inside into the AC and you feel chilly. I was really curious to see if the power would return to the legs this weekend with cool dry air. For the most part yes which tells me my issues with the humidity and hydration are legit.

On Saturday we road a great route. Headed north up towards Beaver Lake and then caught the tailwind home. It was a little over 50 miles and 2,500 feet of gain. A great group of folks showed up and everyone was in good spirits with the starting temp of 62.

Colors are more vivid without humidity.

Takes less then 10 minutes to be out on roads like this.

Super fun rolling terrain.

Starting to head north.

Tree canopy tunnel.

Its funny how certain roads inspire speed. 

Tons of these purple things in bloom.

STRAVA has this little wrinkle listed at 1.1 with 200 feet of gain. It was enough to split the bunch. With a city limit sign up for grabs several miles down the road the wheels were hot. 

Regroup #1.


I love when the road is straight and seemingly has no end.

Several folks from LR joined us. BD is riding well.

This section is called barking dog. A great stretch of road to ride hard tempo. Rolling and curvy for the next several.

The fellas crushed it all the way to Lowell.


Regroup #2. Proper bike lean. Gangsta.

Jordon Tim.

Far left center. A man sitting in his La-Z-Boy pedaling. Looks pretty aero. 

MG leads us home. 

Let's Eat!

Getting dirty on Sunday's lately. I mean before catching the late service of course.

Nearing completion of more path. 

If you run, walk or ride you have it good.

This loin is tender. "That's what she..."

Q'n on a Sunday afternoon. Tomatoes, cucumbers, basil & sun dried tomatoes. Simple and tasty.

Let's Eat!

I saw this, which inspired me to...

...slam that stem. Sort of...the headset cone is ginormous on C-dales. Nate suggested I remove some head tube with a hacksaw. No more grandpa geometry for me. Get..low low..low. Until my back blows out.

Testing the yaw angles in our wind tunnel. About 30 degrees of smile here. That grrrr looks good even with a spaceship helmet on.  


Gerald said...

Replace that bearing cover with one of these and you can get your stem super low:

Robin G said...

Thanks! I will do that Gerald.