Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rattlesnake Worlds & Le Tour

Rattlesnake Roundup Tuesday Night Worlds

There are so many interesting experiences that one encounters while riding a bicycle. It could be a angry redneck, 3 legged dog, birthing cows or insane weather. A rattlesnake is one those interesting encounters for sure. This was my second wild rattlesnake encounter. Both times came while riding the bike. All you non Natural Stater's please note it's quite rare to see one of these critters and count yourself lucky if you do. Unless you get bit of course. To hear the rattle is something else. On both occasions I've heard the sweet sound of I'm about to put my fangs in you. Pretty cool.

Le Tour

Okay Le Tour has been great. I was super worried it was going to be boring with Sky dominating the dojo. After stage 8 I think we all thought it was the beginning of the end. Stage 9 was a pleasant surprise! Richie Porte is remarkably candid in his interviews and I've been enjoying seeing the tour through his perspective on CyclingNews. I'm still not a fan of Froome. Someone needs to give him a hug or something. The aggression of Movistar and Garmin has made for some great spectating. Cannondale took the bull by the horns on stage 7. I love how everyone is fighting for something with tons of passion. The passion seems to elevate to another level at Le Tour.

A shady spot when things get hot.

We had a former state champ in our midst. Back when we had State Championships.

This stretch is called Boogie Alley. Coming the other way it's bloody fast with a tailwind and sprint sign up for grabs. 

I made the selection over Prairie Grove mountain but succumbed to the heat and could not contribute to the aggression.


This a great little back road south of West Fork. 

Super solid group last night. I could tell the heat and the youngins just getting back from Nationals slowed the aggression a bit. 

Green Woolsey bridge.

Not sure I would drive any heavy vehicles across this thing. 

The bunch practically ran this critter over. Heath happened to have his snake tongs in his saddle bag. What a scene. The lycra gang wrangling a rattler. I wanted to get closer (sorry Paige) but I figured running with cycling shoes might be a challenge. 

The action heats up. Heath shows us proper wrangling form. Notice the steady control and length of his reach. Hey keeps his getaway sticks low in the ready position. Meanwhile Gerald and the Captain are ready to hop on their steeds in case the slithery beast decides to turn.

Crisis averted. I wish you could hear what I'm hearing at this point. Sounds something like 'back up son or I'm going to put my fangs in you' or perhaps 'don't do it playa.'


Bryan hughes said...

Very pretty snake! It's a timber rattlesnake. Thank you for moving it off the road.

Robin G said...

Sure thing. You'll have to thank Heath though. He did all the work. Always an adventure when out riding!

Robin G said...

Bryan, thanks for identifying the snake as well.