Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mt. Sequoyah Woods

I have had several people ask me about the trail system at Mt. Sequoyah Woods since I posted last. I wanted to offer up a couple tips that might make your experience better. The OORC recently serviced the trails and they are in good shape. What to expect? The trails are challenging because of the elevation gain/loss with tons of rocks/roots to contend with. I would recommend you ride with your tires in good order. The trails are not so much about flow as they are bike handling skills. It is a great workout but different. You will be in shade about 99% of the time which is nice this time of year but the shade makes it difficult to see some of the rocks. You will most likely have the trails all to yourself. I recommend dropping in from the top of Sequoyah and hanging the first left and staying left (north) at every junction. Eventually it will bring you back south to the pavilion. From there you can turn around and go back or take to the streets. I do not recommend trying to go back up on the southern side. I had to walk quite a bit. It's steep and technical. If your looking for something different to throw into your routine this is it. Word on the street is they will be cutting new trail very soon.

You'll be riding along for about 30-40 minutes and then you'll pop out of the woods to see this pavilion.

Nice view of south Fayetteville.

Long term review of the Continental Revo Sealant is not so good. I had a tiny side wall pinch and the Revo Sealant failed. I burned a CO2 trying to get it to work and ended up walking out. My fault for not having extra CO2 or a hand pump but the fact that the sealant failed to seal a small side wall hole is discouraging. Needless to say I'm running Stan's again. I haven't had a flat in two years with Stan's. Experiment over. I'm still using the bottle that it came in though. The small tip works great. 


Unknown said...

Stan's is the way to go. Thanks for the tips

Robin G said...

I agree!

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