Monday, July 22, 2013

The Saturday Ride 7-20

Airport Loop (short)

Saturday morning we tackled the short version of the airport loop. It's a little over 50 miles of rolling curvy scenic roads. Some of the smoothest tarmac in the state is on this loop. I would recommend staying off Healing Springs (264) out of Cave Springs unless your riding it early in the morning. Folks heading to the airport get a little peeved when a bunch of cyclists make them arrive 45 seconds later then they originally planned. Jokes aside, the speed limit on that road is 55 so the cars are moving. There are a lot of dump trucks as well. Again all the more reason to ride in off peak times. Use that common sense! Don't be like that guy I saw riding down 71 at 7:50am on a Monday morning. What a ----.

A ton of horsepower showed up. We averaged 20 mph. For a 50 miler that's pretty good.

 Sharing it.

We welcomed some new faces again this Saturday. Good times.

These two tied for most combative rider. Not sure who ended up in green. Could it be?

Fields Road is a short narrow cut through that keeps you off busy 112 a little longer. 

Kind of accidentally took this pic. Thought it was cool. 

Healing Springs (264) headed to XNA. Buttery smooth.

Tons of shade for the first 2 hours.


Not PRO.

Tips for proper lean can be found at the link below. Very entertaining article.

The PRO police were waiting for us at the gas station in Highfill. They issued a few tickets and a couple warnings. Über long valve stem. Not PRO. 

If you look closely someone wrote 'wash me' on this chain. Not PRO.

MG got ticketed twice. This one for Gorilla gluing his bottle cage. Not PRO. Let's chip in a couple bucks and buy him a new one. 

Watching Le Tour while riding your bicycle. PRO. Watching Le Tour while riding your bicycle. Not PRO.

Impaling myself with steer tube. Not PRO.

After the PRO police issued various tickets and warnings we took a left on Gailey Hollow Rd. Buttery smooth and downhill for the next 7 miles. The boys let loose. 

Express yourself. MG is still mad about his tickets.

I highly recommend this route. Minus a couple miles of airport traffic you hardly see any cars. The road quality is superb. The scenery is fantastic. 

Heath was riding strong on Saturday. Good to have him along.

This section was lined with these purple things. 

We have it good here.


Old Glory.

There wasn't a whole lot of letting up. Good times.

Great view dropping into Johnson off New Hope Road.

Let's Eat! Sam's Club pizza. So good.

Not PRO.

Stone Mill goodness.

Let's Eat! It's kind of amazing what you can get for under $5 in this country.

The moon last night was great.


Unknown said...

Any limits on how many times I'm not a pro?

Robin G said...

No limits!

None of us are PRO on the bike. But we are all PRO at our respective occupations which puts the food on the table! Hope the move went well.