Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekend Ride Notification 1/10

Well now! Finally..some nice weather. Just in time to. I'm about to eat my hand off. You will find details on weekend rides listed below. Get out there people enjoy the sun for a change!

Would you like your weekend group ride posted on this blog every Friday? Email me at before Friday with the details and I will post it.

Ride fast, be safe & steer clear of the little ring,

Wheels Hot @ 8:30 from Brits & Turks (for men), 2 rides on tap.

Ride option 1-Lincoln RR Loop (counter c)

What to expect? 57  miles of Ozark glory, 3 hours of saddle love. Mostly flat with two significant climbs. Refuel at the gas station in Lincoln. Ride the tailwind back to Fayetteville. No-drop within reason. Spirited aerobic/tempo pace.

Ride option 2-Pig Trail-Huntsville Loop

What to expect?  85 miles of Ozark glory, 4.5 hours of saddle love. Refuel at gas station in Huntsville.

12:30 @ ONYX Coffee Lab on Gregg St. Usually 2-3 hours. Spirited aerobic/tempo pace. Route TBD.


Zachary McCool said...

I really like this new format your using. It will be much easier for all to keep up with.

One question, are both options happening or is it one or the other? My vote is for the longer one!

Robin G said...

Thanks Zach! Both options are happening. I'm doing the Lincoln Loop and going to tack on an additional hour. The Huntsville Loop is awesome but a little longer than I wanted to go. The headwind will not be kind either.

Unknown said...

Rob, time to change the cover picture for the three cows. :)

Robin G said...

Copy that! Hopefully the new kits will come in this month.