Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Congrats to Keith Sams! WHF wishes you continued success in 2014. BIG thanks to CLIF BAR & The Bike Route for their generosity. Good luck Keith! Your prize will be at The Bike Route by the end of the day.

Gyms all across the US are swelling up with people determined to get healthier in 2014. Unfortunately the statistics are not kind to those making resolutions. To resolve we must. I started riding bikes many years ago to lose 20lbs. I lost the weight and discovered a new love. Riding bicycles. I love the way riding makes me feel thirteen and free even just for a moment in time. I love the feeling you get on a white-knuckle descent. I love that it gets me outside into the open air. I love the camaraderie from the others in the bunch. I love the mini adventure each ride presents. I love the efficiency of the machine itself. Finding something you love that is a form of exercise is a win-win and much more sustainable in the grand scheme of keeping your New Year's resolutions. So here's to you and your resolutions this year. Good luck!   

Do you have a New Year's resolution? I'd like to hear what some of those are. Leave a comment below with yours and win! Giveaway has ended.

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What can I win?

3 boxes of CLIF Crunch. Simply the most delicious granola bar.

3 $5 OFF coupons for The Bike Route. You'll need to spread these out among family or make three separate purchases. 

Tour de CLIF. Assortment pack. Fuel for the adventures ahead.


Josh Estes said...

my new years "res-o-lu-tion"/s are many but I think the greatest of all is to avoid Arkansas winter for as long as possible.

Unknown said...

Get in shape to the point where I can hang with the Wheels Hot Fayetteville rides.

Wes Bradshaw said...

I have never placed better than 3rd in the races, I'd really love to crush the field and take first once this year.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Britten geary said...

My New Years resolution is to go from a cat 5 junior to a cat 3 in the next race season.

Unknown said...

Beat Rob climbing even if I have to cheat on Strava..

Zachary McCool said...

Not really a resolution, but a goal of mine. I've been focused on it for the past 2 months.

Finish Ouachita Challenge in under 5hr.

Dave Angeles said...

I think everyone in Fayetteville should hope to be given an official Wheels Hot ride nickname!

My resolution, get up to Arkansas this year for a Wheels Hot Fayetteville ride! or a Bike Route weeknight crit!

Cheers from Dallas!

Robin G said...

Josh E, stay out on the 'best' coast for as long as possible. It's freaking cold here.

Jeff W, you are well on your way. Keep it up!

Wes B, I like your attitude. Dominate the dojo!

Gustavo G, you have Columbia in your blood. No need to cheat!

Zach M, I know how hard you've been working. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Super goal!

Dave A, come on up! We Arkies are super friendly to Texans! You might even end up with a nickname.

Unknown said...

I want to start racing, just for the experience. I'm not getting any younger and it is something I've wanted to do for a while. Also, I'd like to climb about 50,000 feet more than last year (basically look for hills instead of trying to avoid them). And as a general all encompassing goal, try to invoke Rule 5 more frequently, too many excuses not to get out there.

Audiobook Reviewer said...

To loose 40 more pounds

Unknown said...

res-o-lution is to stop pol-lu-tion. obviously, by riding my bike to work more!

Robin G said...

Philip B, whoa good stuff. You most definitely need to race the local crit series. No better way to introduce yourself to racing. The early spring road races are awesome as well. Good luck!

Audiobook R, whoa a super goal. 40 lbs is legit. Good luck!

Adam M, yes a great res., I try to ride 3 days a week. The hills in Harrison won't be any easier then here in Fayetteville!

Greg Martin said...

I would like to get in a true race of some sort. I am still pretty new to this sport so it's intimidating but I have to start somewhere and this year I am hoping will be the year to get started.

PaigeCG said...

A hand written note once a week. Old school.

Keith Sams said...

Finish the job I started a year ago, to drop the last 14 pounds of my of my 103, to be fit enough to run a half marathon with minimal prep, and contribute to the Snapple rides for the entire ride. Simple goals.

Robin G said...

Greg M, you had great fitness last year. There are some great 'first timer' events locally. Talk to me next time you see me and I'll fill ya in.

PCG, that's a great one. Speaking as a recipient of your hand written notes.

Keith S, awesome goals Keith. Gotta keep a good thing going. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Support Benny in his return to the glory days of old

Unknown said...

Racing Age 50...enough said!

Anonymous said...

Support Mark G in his return to the Cat 3 ranks. DSCC Domination returns!

Robin G said...

Mark G, let the poo poo fly in 2014. You have a tall task ahead. Good luck!

Bruce D, 50 is the new 40. Visions of Horner & Jens as your guide.

Anonymous, hmmmm something suspicious going on here. Teamwork is good. Let the sparks fly in 2014!

Joshua Hayes said...

Not complain every time I see the gradient going up.

Jason Alvarado said...

Aggressively mix it up with the Bovine Boys this year.

Tim Ray said...

Race more...whine less.

Robin G said...

Joshua H, gotta learn to love the steeps. Cavendish says it's the most important thing he does in training.

Jasan A, I think you already fulfilled your resolution. Can't wait for Tuesday night Worlds!

Tim R, I like that attitude. Good luck!

Keith Stewart said...

I would like to have a year free of crashes and perhaps be significant on a Tues night ride.

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