Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekend Ride Notification 1/31

Winter is officially a drag...

No organized ride from me tomorrow. I will be trying to get out but will play it by ear. I am even considering going for a long run. Say it ain't so....yup running arrrrrrgggggghhhhh!

If you are up for some dirt road action the Hazel Valley 50 might be your ticket. It includes some of the most scenic views of the Ozarks. I would recommend using your MTB.

Click on the link for more information.

12:30 ONYX Coffee Lab. Pending on weather.

Ride fast, be safe & steer clear of stumble-mumble-fumble,

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Wes Bradshaw said...

Anyone game for a group ride Saturday 12:30 from Onyx? The rains should be over with around that time.