Monday, April 28, 2014

Joe Martin

Friday finish on Dickson Street.

One of the more famous dogs in cycling. 

Getting race results from teammates. 

Rival bib numbers.

Steve M, warming up at bacon central. 


The apple doesn't fall far...

Chalking Church Hill. 


Mega flask lures in a rider. He ended up hanging out with The Friends of Churchill for the rest of the race. 

Headwind plus the hill every lap looked brutal. 

Bacon handup. 

What a day.

Kids, dogs, tunes, cowbells, bicycles & food...doesn't get much better. 

Good times. 


Unknown said...

I wish you would have had a team in the race. Some out of state teams where asking for you guys.

Levi said...

I wish you woulda saved me some bacon!

Robin G said...

G, I can barely put it together for a one day race much less 3 stages.

Robin G said...

Next year Levi!