Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Picking up the Pieces

system, check…two
warm up with Johnny Law
at the po-po station
do all po-po’s shave their heads?
legs feel good…(hesitation)
Orange Bike sighting
Wyman Rd.-Round Mt.-Black Oak-Blood Bath
wind NW
chatting will end soon
Memphis has a go
start’em rotating
catch made
how are the legs?
Lightning Holt on the wheel
small group bridging
new pavement IS awesome

Although…hard to enjoy…
when eyeballs are bleeding
Captain launches
torn to shreds
leap frog wheel-to-wheeeeeel
catch made
PZ has a dig
Round Mtn looming
that dude is crazy
first ramp
PZ still up
JMSR has a go
latch on to The Lung's wheel
then Lighting Holt’s wheel
JMSR tosses the white
Lighting Holt pulls the saddle
dam PZ’s still raging
Lightning Holt attacks the kicker
The Lung goes
giver all she’s got!
Scotty here…you’re *&$&#@ sir
dangling at 10
The Lung receives crown & kudos
tasting blood’s my own
Black Oak looming
rotating again
shots fired
gotta hold the wheeeeel
getting my teeth kicked in up here
on Black Oak now
BCO setting a good pace
carnage everywhere
dry bones falling back to earth
picked up MOOTS then Memphis
Johnny Law, what’s Stages saying?
never to see the front again
total melt down
chatting again
picking up the pieces with a smile

Good times.


Unknown said...

Darn it Russellville! Why must you keep me so far from Tuesday night worlds?

Robin G said...

You missed a good smack down Jake!

Philip said...

Good stuff Rob.
But after reading that I have one question; did they finally pave that stretch of Wyman to the Round Mountain climb?
If so that's awesome.

Robin G said...

Philip, thanks for following. Wyman is paved all the way through.