Monday, April 7, 2014

Ronde. Van. Vlaanderen.

Although I didn't get the showdown (Tomke-Peter-Spartacus) I was hoping for, the Ronde did not disappoint. I found myself on the edge of my seat couch in the final kilometers. Cringing inside as each of the final 4 had a dig. Congrats to Spartacus for another savvy performance. One for the history books. Some takeaways from the greatest one day bicycle race on earth.

-Taylor Phinney was impressive setting up GVA in the final. He looked the strongest of his breakaway companions. I'm from the US, so I always keep tabs on US riders. I'm hoping this is a sign for a good result this Sunday.

-Crashes, so many. Cancellara lost Devolder & Rast and still wins. Even more impressive.

-OPQS easily the strongest team came up short in a big way. Anyone else having trouble distinguishing who's who. They are all built the same. Thank goodness we get a second chance at the Tomke-Spartacus duel. 

-GVA was a boss. Animating the race in the final all the while towing a large boat behind. I was happy to see Vandenbergh finally get dropped. "He was following orders." Terrible. The more GVA loses the more I become a fan. He rides with panache and doesn't lose from lack of trying. But did he ride a little too much in the final?

-Devolder hit the deck twice (maybe three times) and finishes. Stud. 

-Peter Sagan, no amount of bike trickery could help him when the poo-poo hit the fan (who is throwing poo-poo at the fan?). Would've loved to see him in the mix but school was in session and Spartacus was teaching a master class. Can't wait for Sunday.

-Sep Vanmarcke can hold Spartacus' wheel. Enough said.

What a day. Bicycle racing is a beautiful thing. Any other insights on the big day?


Matthew said...

I thought Cosmo did a good analysis of the last K, especially noting how Fabian protected himself from the wind at the end.

Adam McCall said...

What I learned is that winning a race is as much mental as it is physical. Spartacus played so many brain games in the last 4k. It was truly awe inspiring.

Robin G said...

Thanks Matthew. I will check out Youtube link.

Adam, the last 4k was incredible. Great to see such a classy rider on top.