Monday, April 28, 2014

TBR Giveaway! Ohhh snap...ENDED

Congrats to Jeff Williams! Winner of the TBR Giveaway. A big thanks to the The Bike Route for providing such cool swag. Thanks to everyone who left a comment. It was really cool to read about what inspires you all to ride. Jeff, I'll leave the swag up at The Bike Route. Should be there by Monday evening. 

Thanks to WHF super sponsor The Bike Route I have a autographed Garmin Sharp cycling cap & water bottle to giveaway. Signed by the 2014 Tour of Flanders team which includes David Millar (multi-grand tour stage winner, British National Road Race and Time Trial champion), Johan Vansummeren (2011 Paris-Roubaix Champion) & Steele von Hoff (2014 Australian National Criterium Champion).

I'm throwing in a box of CLIF SHOT gels for good measure. Thanks CLIF BAR!

How do you win? Tell me what inspires you to ride by leaving a comment below. 

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Matthew said...

Fitness and weight loss were the #1 reasons I got into cycling, but I've come to love the community and riding with others.

Philip Baker said...

It's cheaper than therapy.

Zachary McCool said...

It's all about the internal struggle between "me, myself, and I", and just keeping the pedals turning over long after my body and mind cry out to stop. Going places and seeing things that 90% of the population never will also keeps me going. I also love the looks I get, often times form rides I consider much stronger than me, when I say I enjoy racing for 50+ miles at at time, all off road!

Wes Bradshaw said...

What got me into cycling was the Joe Martin race. In 2010 I was getting gas when these lines of bike racers came by. The sound of the wheels alone was enough but I instantly fell for the sport right then and there.I had never seen anything like it and was amazed! Barely 2 weeks later I was the new owner of a MotoBecane from Highrollers' used selection. I was riding the city trail everyday after work until nearly midnight trying to emulate the race jersey type riders I would sometimes see. Now it is 2014, I'm 20 lbs lighter than I started with, have no leg or arm hair and have scraped my way up to racing the very same Joe Martin in the 4's. Hooyah!

Unknown said...

Initially for me it was a desire to quit smoking & clean up my life, to get some fitness, and have a healthier lifestyle. Over the last 20 years it has taken many passionate turns from racing mountain bikes, to road riding & racing, to just taking the family & dog around the community trail. The people I've met, the friendly competition, the lifestyle of being in shape, the pure joy of working out hard in the great outdoors with nice scenery, fresh air, country roads, that feeling of endless endurance, & endorphins rushing are things that always brings me back.

Joel - Symond Cycles said...

Freedom and camaraderie! I still remember the feeling of my first successful coaster brake skid on the dirt road where I grew up. Much later I remember the encouragement from fast riders that I admired and the relationships developed over spinning and suffering on the bike. Now, though I ride less, I ride for the next wave. Whether it's my child or someone nervous to ride on the path for the first time - I enjoy helping others as they helped me. Don't get me wrong, I like riding hard and racing a lot and would prefer to be to be in great form, but I'm not now so until then I change that I'll do what I can. Lastly, don't get me started on how amazing bicycles and spoked wheels are as an efficient structure - I can geek out over that - but that is secondary to the above.

Unknown said...

Sometimes, in this world, it's the only thing that makes sense.

Richard Holt said...

Because chicks dig lycra and shaved legs!

Robin G said...

Good one Holt! Oddly enough they do.

Josh Estes said...

Because its the most challenging thing I've ever done.

phuong mueller said...

great race.

ellen said...

Shaved legs

Steve McBee said...

Because I love the smell of burnt matches.

Tyler Kidder said...

To leave reality

Johnny Law said...

I'm inspired to ride because I don't like getting dropped.

Jeff Hayes said...

It's simple....
o I feel better during and after the ride.
o Soaking in the beautiful scenery here in "God's country" (aka. NWA)
o The camaraderie and competition of group rides.
o The chance to "blow out the carbon", clear my mind and let it waunder while stoked with endorphins, seratonin, and dopamine.

Unknown said...

To work as part of a collective unit in order that everyone might ride faster, harder, and more efficient.

Perry Wilson said...

Watching world class athletes power up a hill.
The sound that only 50-100 bikes in a group can make.
900 calories an hour.

Randy Jackson said...

I initially got into cycling for fitness and health…and so I could eat more. But I think what keeps me in cycling now are the moments that cycling brings. For example:
- Those moments when you’re holding on to a wheel as the lactate is starting to ooze out your ears, your vision has gone from color to black-and-white, and your vision is narrowed to a single point on the bike in front of you. All you can hear is your heart screaming, “Do...not...quit!” while your brain is negotiating and making deals with your body to just hang on for 10 more seconds, then 10 more, and 10 more…
- When you’re outdoors, moving, fully alive on one of those days where the pedaling is effortless, Garmin-be-damned, and in that moment, all the cares of the world are distant, except for that sadness you feel for people who don't ride bikes
- That moment when you decide to try a solo break that you know is doomed to failure, but that’s exactly why you try it anyway, because...well, because it's fun anyway
- Those moments of camaraderie and teamwork; of making a connection with someone new, or connecting more deeply with someone you already know; of encouraging and giving a pointer or two to others who are maybe where you were in cycling not so very long ago

Robin G said...

Wow, it's great to read all the different inspirations. I for one, enjoy riding if only to eat more!

Unknown said...

I started cycling 3 years ago to beat my boss. Now, I cycle to beat the others.

Michael Kirk said...

It gives me an outlet for competition and physical energy that I used to get from team sports. It keeps me outside in the sun and in shape. It is freedom from the real world. Most of all it is fun.

Ben Ross said...

I do it for the fun, speed, and the natural beauty!

jonjohn said...

Health. Fun. Beauty. Friends. Challenge. Serenity.

Unknown said...

So 2 weeks later Phoung Mueller told me I won something.....sweeeet!

Robin G said...

Good deal! You gotta tune in more often. There is CLIF bag with your swag in Ben's office.

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