Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Saturday Ride 4/19

This Saturday we went hunting for new pavement. We found some great connector roads. Wyman Road (WC Rd. 48) & Harvey Dowell Road  (WC Rd. 195) to a 50 yard gravel section (WC Rd. 197) which puts you on Lake Sequoyah Drive (WC Rd. 50). This is going to make for some killer loops on Tuesday nights! Check out my STRAVA link for details. 

The Saturday ride started with Friday fatigue. Great weather inspiring a little patio dining. Time to soak up every last drop of spring.

 This little gem and some other spots from poison ivy prevented me from racing Tour de Hills. Steroids makes the heart grow fonder beat faster. 

Ahhh...the Saturday ride. Perfect weather, great group, trash talking, laughs & some good old fashion hard tempo never hurt anybody.

The boyz (and girl) wanted to explore.

New a beautiful thing. Harvey Dowell Road (195).

The old one lane'r over Lake Sequoyah.

A look back.

A top Round Mountain.

More new pavement. Wyman Rd. now connects. Two really cool loop options now.


You don't see many pines in NWA.

Washington Street is bursting at the seams.

My Pops used to always point out the dogwoods blooming in spring. Guess that's why I notice & enjoy them so much. In good company.

Let's Eat! PCG went with fish tacos & I had fish & chips. The Yacht Club "food court" on college is great.  Check them out next time for lunch.

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