Monday, April 21, 2014

Stop...and be a Sponge

I got out early on the MTB Sunday morning just ahead of Easter service. I've ridden this route countless times. Head north on the city path to Lake Fayetteville do a lap and roll home. The weather was sublime and my legs felt great. I think jamming to a little AC/DC also had me on a high. Pretty sure I had the biggest grin on my face when I hit the singletrack. As I was tooling along I had a moment of thankfulness come over me for some reason. A moment of humble appreciation. For what you say? Heart beats, breath, a body that can move & wind on my skin. I was feeling grateful to be given so much, in the same breath realizing it can all be taken away in a flash. So I stopped then rolled easy for a bit to appreciate the new life and hopefulness that spring inspires. So many divine themes to appreciate. The solo ride is good for the soul like that sometimes. A recharging the battery affect. Get outside folks & don't forget to stop...and be a sponge!

Lake Fayetteville is near perfect at the moment.

So much color. The lake trail system is where cycling all started for me, many years ago.

The new connector trail from the dam to Johnson is complete.

I've passed this wall so many times without even looking at the art. Pretty cool.

Spring = yard work. 

PRO. Okay not so much but we are trying. 

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