Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Ride Notification 4/18

Happy Good Friday! Good luck to those tackling the bergs of the Buffalo tomorrow. There is not a more challenging & beautiful route in The Natural State. May all your cogs have 28 teeth and your power meters guide you to the top of Mt. Sherman.

Tour de Hills 58 miles of Ozark glory & 5000+ feet of climbing. Yikes! A great race through the heart of the Buffalo River National Park. Click on the link for more information. There is also a tour ride as well.

WHF ride-no organized ride from me tomorrow. I'm hoping to make it over to race TDH if my poison ivy infection improves. I'm sure some folks will show up at 8 to ride. Someone else can make the call on the route.

12:30 ONYX Coffee Lab ride. About 3 hours of spirited saddle love.

Ride fast, be safe & steer clear of walking a $10,000 Colnago up a hill,


McBee said...

Place a piece of black tape over Power meter. It will do you no good at TDH. Just make the break and remember, "we are all going to suffer."

Robin G said...

You are correct sir! Hardly any team tactics for this one. It's just suffer, enjoy the view, suffer, enjoy the view, rollers, downhill to finish.

Unknown said...

"Without a power meter , you ain't training, you just playing." And instantly he turned into a douche bag.
(Fake Australian accent)

Unknown said...

Power Meter is better used for training and climbing. Team sky used power meter to avoid the false pace climbing during the TDF 2012. They knew Wiggins couldn't explode like Nibali, so they kept a constant high tempo from the base of the climb to minimize Nibali explosions.
Rob, I didn't know you were a vegan.

Robin G said...

G, I totally understand using tech. for training and racing. But I think I've become a better rider by tossing the HR monitor & computer and learning to ride by feel. But that's just me. I think at the end of the day each person needs to experiment and find what helps them achieve their goals. Please see my latest post regards your vegan comment.

Unknown said...

I agree HR monitors are a waste of time and money.. It feels good to talk about it..

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