Thursday, May 1, 2014

WHF Sponsor/Advertise?

The first year of Wheels Hot Fayetteville is in the books. I started the site as a creative outlet inspired by getting folks out on the roads I love to ride. WHF an amateur attempt at best is bridging the gap to 40,000 views and I am super grateful for the following! A few good friends have been encouraging me to bring on more advertisers/sponsors and the idea has started to gain some traction. A big part of what I've enjoyed has been collaborating with Ben Upchurch owner of The Bike Route. A pretty organic fit for a website about cycling in Arkansas to be sponsored by a local bike shop. So...long story short. If you have interest in being a sponsor/advertiser on Wheels Hot Fayetteville shoot me an email at Keep in mind I'm no Don Draper (thank goodness). You can also find me "on the line" on Facebook and STRAVA under Robin Grunnagle.

What do you get? 
  • Logo/link ad in the right column (see The Bike Route logo).
  • A monthly promotional.
  • Product reviews/business feature post/event coverage.
Who do you reach?
  • Cyclists! Lots of NWA cyclists!
  • Currently 165 cities.
  • Top cities: Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, Harrison, Russellville, Little Rock & Rogers.
  • Regionally, a heap of folks from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Tennessee & Missouri.
What products or services do cyclists use?
  • Food-We like to eat, eat good & eat a lot.
  • Coffee-We live off java and the shops that serve it.
  • Beer-Craft brewing is all the rage. Cyclists have been known to knock a few back.
  • Bikes (of course)-All things related to riding them!
  • Wine-Consumed only during the Tour de France, Giro & Vuelta Espana (OK maybe not only).
  • Cheese (personal favorite)-All the time, any day of the week.
  • Razors-Tons and tons of razors.
  • Chiropractic-I know so many folks getting "adjusted" these days.
  • Sports Medicine-Injury is inevitable we need good folks to patch us up.
  • Nutritionist-Nothing more important than what goes in. Hopefully it tastes good!
  • Health/Wellness-Cyclists (for the most part) are a healthy lot or striving for it.
  • Coaching-Cyclists love to be told what to do. What zone? How many waaaaaatts?
  • Food-Did I mention food? Before, during & after riding. Let's Eat!

If you have any interest email me at Thanks for following & sharing WHF!


Unknown said...

Photographers?! 📷

Robin G said...

Hi Maura! If you are interested shoot me an email at Let's talk!