Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Check one...

check two
dr. jekyll or mr. hyde?
Johnny Law creepin
no need to hide the guns
easy spin to TBR
80°...wha whaaat
wind 10+ NNW
small talk to MopedU
solid group
how hard is this ride gonna?
265-Lost Loop-West Fork-G. Bridge-in on 71
bib 345 is ready for Evans crit
ahhhh shizzle when did Blue Al get here?
ride just got harder
Greenlandberg looming
to the front
Ginger Kid rages
drift back sloooow
chase group
hoooooold no need to rage
soft regroup...sorta
got ta got ta make it over 5 kings
1st king...time to bleed
Ginger Kid & New Bianchi raging
maaaake my waaaay across...
2nd king...selections brewing
3rd king MG pushes
4th king Blue Al pulls through
maybe they don't know I'm here
stealth tech
5th king...made it over
MG looks back...
DON'T make eye contact
Blue Al looks back
look at stem DON'T make eye contact
stealth tech ain't working
Cadel might have words with my DS
The Captain makes it across with JMSR
selection 6, includes me
West Fork sign looming
JMSR has a dig but fades
The Captain counters!
MG jumps
The Captain sticks it

New bike admiration, aka regroup.

to Green Woolsey bridge
back on 71
Ginger Kid pushes pace
riding strong tonight
Stewdog new cadence monitor?
sounds awfully like a creaky BB
headcross wind
West Fork sign looms
engine room what you got?
give it the stick sir!
oh snap...a little further out then...
all alone
Jake the Snake goes by...
engine room???
out of saddle...
engine roooo???
Jake the Snake sticks it
Greenland sign looms
bunch is raging on 71
too far back to see the action
blown to bits
gotta ride wheels in
70's, love this ride, #meetthemoment
TNW raging against the dying of the light
good times...

Green Woolsey Bridge bound.

JL came all the way from Denver to escape Colorado summer.


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