Thursday, August 7, 2014

Product Review: Cannondale SAVE Seatpost

Okay, I'll be the first to admit I was really skeptical about this seatpost. Seemed a little gimmicky. Somehow Ben with his master skills of persuasion got me thinking that I might need one of these. I was already talking to him about going full suspension. My Cannondale Flash29er hardtail has been beating me up a bit lately. Perhaps I'm just getting old. Probably both. So rather then getting a new bicycle a new seatpost with built in suspenion would SAVE me a little coin. That's right SAVE me some money ( I've been on the Cannondale SAVE seatpost for over a month. It has worked so well I had to write about it. Look folks, it's no miracle seatpost but it does what it is advertised to do. It takes the edge off. What does this mean? Well you know the new section of trail at Lake Fayetteville (or any new trail). Super bumpy right. The first thing I noticed was the bike was so much smoother on the new stuff. Eureka! Have you noticed that a lot of the big bike brands are going back to 27.2 seatposts. Just check out Cervelo, Cannondale & Orbea. Why? I'm sure comfort is a big reason. Sometimes that little bit of vibration damping can make a huge difference in ride comfort. Don't believe me? Check out what VeloNews has to say.

My old seatpost Thompson (straight post) way over to the right (under more abuse).

You can barely see the oval shape.

Here is a better look. The flex is designed fore and aft. Not compromising lateral.

Long story short if you are looking for a seatpost that will take the edge off your hardtail or road bike without compromising weight or pedaling efficiency the Cannondale SAVE seatpost is a fine product. I am not sure I even need a full suspension anymore. One thing I should mention. You need to have a certain amount of exposed seatpost to maximize the effectiveness of the ovalized flex. 

Cannondale 2014 SAVE seatpost
Material: crabon fibre
Diameter: 27.2
Length: 400mm 
Clamp: two bolt (actually pretty easy to adjust, not as easy as my Thompson though)
Weight: 270 grams (as light as my Thompson)
Price: $180.00 (not cheap but worth every penny, ask my rear end)
In stock at The Bike Route!


Zachary McCool said...

I think you should go either F-Si or a SCALPEL 29 for your next bike. I'm wanting to test out a F-Si for my own use. Slacker HT but short stays? ultra stiff rear wheel? Sign me up!

Robin G said...

I here ya! I am excited to get my hands on one myself!

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