Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Saturday Ride 8/16

I spent a little extra time this week trying to come up with a fresh route for the bunch. So we headed west almost to the Okie State. The highlight for me was the descent on Old Cincinnati Rd. and the tailwind on 59. A solid group showed up to tackle some Ozark goodness. I highly recommend this loop.

The bunch, and some random man with an orange shirt photo bombing.

 Always good to have Art H on board.

Anyone know what these purple flowers are? All over the roads right now.

Cutting the NWA Spring Classic course.

Rabbit ears or peace sign?

Happy Barn.

Cutting the Lincoln road race course.

Gem Rd. climb is legit. Only half a mile.

But not much relief.


But then you are on this kind of plateau with some great views.

Usually we go left on Old Cincinnati. Not sure why we haven't gone right until now.


What goes up...

must go down. Incredible views on the descent.

Heading north on Old Cincinnati turned out to be a great stretch. Lots of twisty turns.


I was a little concerned about traffic on 59.

Pretty decent shoulder. And traffic was light this morning.

After a few miles on 59 we took a right on 244.

More twisty turny stuff with a few rollers. Not sure whats happening here.

A look back.

Regroup on 16.

Spotted: new SIDI Wires. 

We rolled on 16 for a couple miles.

Then turned on to Viney Grove, in on Goose Creek. Great morning. In good company.