Wednesday, August 6, 2014

System Check...

one...check two
unzipped before ride starts
almost August
hot, not stupid hot
is my life secretly controlled by weather?
where the hell is everybody?
4 cows
small talk with the boyz
roll easy to MopedU
why am I calling the route?
too many chefs
orange barrels everywhere
birth of a road
confused grown men
is this the tour of neighborhoods?
another stop sign...
what happened to this ride?
George is getting angry
ahhhh Goose Creek
kick the tires, light the fires
MG is on the wheel
small group bridging
TBR pulls through
JMSR drops anchor
mad cows
the bunch closes
I feel the need...
Lightning Holt counters
HealthySoutherner on the wheel
The Captain looks back with steel
MG moves to front
catch made
new road
this is bumpy

bunch is actually waiting
sooort of...
what happened to this ride?
corn is high as an elephants eye

another The Cuban missile launch
there goes the neighborhood
gnashing of teeth
hooooold the
left pedal laser gun
sort of fast
Tulsa Time rolls through
what happened to this ride?
zero panache
blah blah...
chatty pace again
rolling in with Tulsa Time
real talk...good stuff