Friday, August 29, 2014

'Tis Freitag: CLIF BAR Giveaway ENDED

CONGRATS Bob N. You win! I will leave the prize at TBR for you!

Congrats to all you hardworking types. You made it. It's Friday! How does WHF celebrate? By giving something away. CLIF BAR loves to supply you with delicious energy for those great weekend adventures. Thanks CLIF BAR!

What can I win?


How do I enter?

Simple. Guess at least one person who is in this photo. Heck! Any answer gets you entered. Leave a comment below by 6:01:32 PM to enter...for the win! But look closely...there are actually seven people in this photo that you might recognize. Do you need a hint?


How do I leave a comment? 
If you are using a smart phone the link via Facebook is not allowing some comments to go through. Google/Safari search Wheels Hot Fayetteville with your phone/PC and follow the steps below to enter. Thanks!

1:Scroll down click Post a Comment
2:Enter your comment 
3:Select Name/URL, type your name
4:Click Publish Your Comment

The Rules
The winner will be selected at random. 
The winner will be announced after 6:01:32  this afternoon.
Must be in the continental US (for mailing purposes)


Evan said...

Ted King?


Unknown said...

As Stewdog would say, "Benny"

Tyler kidder said...

Cancellara and the bike route guys?

J. Hayes said...

I see D. Hamilton and B Upchurch cheering like mad men. I would guess Flanders!

john S. said...

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

Unknown said...


Bob Newell said...

I see myself wearing a red cap.

jonjohn said...

3HC on a road trip...

Tim Ray said...

That's where Danny's been...

Scott Hamilton said...

Ben Upchurch

Michael Kirk said...

Fabian and some guys I'm jealous of.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Upchurch, Sagan and Spartacus!!

-Wes B!

Adam B said...

Is that Jens Voigt in the Trek jersey?

Sean S said...


Mitchell Pearce said...

Ben Upchurch and Danny Hamilton

John Marquette said...

Dan Skoff. (In the red jacket)

Paigecg said...

Danny Hamilton's iPad.

Gerald said...

Come on guys open your eyes, that's a Belkin rider...not Sagan or Ted King. Oh and I see 3 happy cows in that picture!

Unknown said...


Jeff Hayes said...

Dave and Mark Thomas cheering madly?

Michael A. Hinds said...

Belkin rider is sep van mark and trek is Fabian at Flanders 14. Looks like some TBR happy cows on the sideline.

Hayes said...

its rigged.

Stream said...

I don't know who is the person, but the photos are great

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