Friday, August 22, 2014

'Tis Freitag: CLIF BAR Giveaway: ENDED

CONGRATS! Gustavo G you win! I'll leave the prize at TBR. Unless you are riding in the morning and drive to the start spot. I'll give them to you after the ride. Thanks for following.

Fellow weekend made it! I love giving stuff away and CLIF BAR loves supplying folks with delicious energy. Here's a little inspiration from Jens Voigt for the weekend ahead. What are you getting into?


What can I win?


How do I enter? Simple. Tell me what adventures you have on tap for this weekend. Leave a comment below by 6:01:32 PM to enter, for the win! 

How do I leave a comment? 
If you are using a smart phone the link via Facebook is not allowing some comments to go through. Google/Safari search Wheels Hot Fayetteville with your phone/PC and follow the steps below to enter. Thanks!

1:Scroll down click Post a Comment
2:Enter your comment 
3:Select Name/URL, type your name
4:Click Publish Your Comment

The Rules
The winner will be selected at random. 
The winner will be announced after 6:01:32  this afternoon.
Must be in the continental US (for mailing purposes)


Sean S said...

Race for the Spike. Fixing my mountain bike.

Victor Gurel said...

Racing 102 miles in my first Cat4 race at the hotter than hell hundred. Then stopping at Turkey Mt in Tulsa on the way home Sunday to MTB with la familia.

Tyler Kidder said...

Riding on the beaches of Destin Florida.

Unknown said...

Long weekend in Memphis

John Marquette said...

Having the bike fixed and a weekend in Kansas City. That means BBQ.

Evan said...

Mt. Nebo trail race!

Joshua Hayes said...

St Jude 10k at Lake Fayetteville on Saturday. Sunday 40-60 miles of two wheeled fun.

Jeff Williams said...

Hotter n Hell 100

Tony said...

A long hard ride in the countryside with just me and my thoughts. And that one dog that always runs out barking...

Unknown said...

Draft weekend

Richard Holt said...

Sat am ride, then A/C

Steve S said...

Teaching Swiftwater Rescue at Rockport on the Ouachita River.

Randy Jackson said...

- Maybe get a wheel upgrade
- Ride w/ friends
- Ride w/ wife - her first time on a road bike - yesssss!
- Ride some solo
- Sweat a lot

Wes Bradshaw said...

It's nothing but WHEELS HOT FAYETTEVILLE for me this weekend!

Gotta get and keep the blade as sharp as possible for the last of Evans' crits. Plus the State crit approaches. They won't let me go back to the Cat 5's, gotta keep training hard. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks WHF and cliffs.

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