Tuesday, August 19, 2014


one...check...is this thing on?
dam it feels good to be a gangsta
nah, not really
slow roll to TBR
bumped into FBI...good dude
love bumping into folks on the bike
am i a butter knife?
air is thick
can't complain...winter sucked
i hear the train a coming
Yellow Socks says you gonna hear it again soon
good laugh for the bunch
good to see Evans Events here
MLK-170-PG Battle-Viney Grove-Bethel-
New Road-Goose Creek
small talkn' with Lola

Farmington sign looms
how'd i get so far back?
The Captain goes long
The Cuban fires a missile
Mexico is in the mix
international crisis?
what? who? ahh i give up
can't see nothing from the cheap seats
170 = rage
Yellow Socks bridges
Mexico goes across
looks legit
the bunch rotates
catch made
Prairie Grove sign looms
again with the cheap seats
time to eat wind
HealthySoutherner OTF
bunch reacts late
Yellow Socks goes
HealthySoutherner sticks it
dang it's hot
i can ride in the wheel buuuut...
not outside the wheel...
is what it is
usual suspects raging
Yellow Socks is just going in the road
church of the big ring is having a revival tonight
lots of spandex in line to get...

baptized by water
alright alright alllllriiggght
New Bianchi sets tempo
by all means
The Captain goes
MG bridges
all hell breaking...
just gotta hold the wheeeeeee
OVER the hump
hope nobodies behind...
popularity check
thanks The Captain & Evans Events
spare tube, much appreciated
dang it's hot
could use a ice bucket bout now
thanks to the rest who waited
slow roll...
gonna miss this ride