Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Saturday Ride 8/30

A storm rolled in right as we were going to start this morning. Text messages were flying around from all over. Sorry folks I know some of you waited awhile after getting soaked riding over. I don't mind riding in the rain. But lightning gets a little sketchy. Once the lightning part of the storm pushed through Jason B and I rolled down to the starting point. It started dumping buckets. Glad we ended up getting out.

 Back of Ben U's truck. 

Ended up with a decent group given the circumstances. 

Searching for motivation. Finally someone just said eff it let's roll. So we did. 

Original route was aborted. We just pointed the wheels towards blue skies.

Everyone was cold so the pace was fast in hopes that our bodies would warm up.

Good times.

Ended up being really nice.

Glad these folks showed up. Not sure I would have went if I were by myself.

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