Friday, May 9, 2014

Breaking Bread

Three Happy Cows Cycling team celebrated a successful spring campaign with our sponsors at Doe's Eat Place last night. There's something special about gathering around the dinner table and sharing stories. We are just a bunch of working stiffs who love to ride & race together. I really enjoy this bunch. A big thanks to our sponsors for making it all possible. Three Happy Cows, Shoulder Center of Arkansas, KERRY, creative promotional marketing & The Bike Route.   

 Nathan B continued his tradition of eating a steak bigger than his face.

Our KERRY sponsor had a little fun with us.

Tabbing out.

These boyz can eat!

We pooled our spring race earnings together. I'm curious what our waitress thought of us. A bunch of loud dudes with bags of white powder and a wad of cash. Good times.