Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Saturday Ride 5/3

I used the Harris Driveway Sprints Friday night as a warm up for the Saturday ride. Pretty straight forward course. Full gas to the street, turn around, full gas to the start/finish.

Multi-discipline. A solid field.



It was important to hold your line.

Timmers was pretty dialed. 

Elbows in. No chopping. Clean races for the most part.

In motion.

Peter Sagan ain't the only one with tricks.

Good times.

Biggest group of this year showed up for the Saturday ride. Warm temps seem to bring out the hibernating cyclists. It was great to see so many new faces in the bunch. We tackled the Airport Loop (short course). About 50+ miles of some of the smoothest tarmac around.

Through Johnson heading towards Arvest Ballpark.  

Gustavo G is a warm natured chap from Columbia. I don't think he shed a single layer. 

Some HealthSouth guys mixing it up.

264 is so smooth. Once you get past XNA the traffic gets much better.

The bunch.

Galey Hollow to Logan Rd. is the highlight. 

Smooth, scenic, curvy, rolling terrain. Didn't see a single car.


Man what a morning. Why do adults ride bikes? To feel like those kiddos every now and then.