Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Hour Spin 5/21

New super light weight cycling shoe? 

Nah, just Heath's cast. Thought it was cool that the Denver Colorado based company Boa Technology closure system was being used to secure Heath's cast to his arm. Same system used on so many cycling shoes. The company has a neat story/history and when I reached out to them about an issue with my current shoes they sent me a new system no questions asked. I love that kind of customer service. It's the kind that builds loyalty and brand recognition. Props Boa. Click here to learn more.

Bar ends were so 1980's right?

Well, when you have a broken thumb you gotta do what ya gotta do. Heath is probably one of the best bike handlers I know. Interesting tidbit, back in the days of old he competed against the likes of one Cadel Evans (yes that Cadel) on the US National MTB circuit. It was cool to watch him negotiate Mt. Sequoyah trails essentially with one arm. I should have taken advantage of the only time I will be faster than him on a MTB. I guess the PRO police felt a little compassion for the thumb situation and only issued warnings. One for having a ginormous bar end and one for having only one ginormous bar end. They said if the bar end remains after the thumb heals it will be a fine of 200 Swiss francs for each violation. Ouch!

Good times. Stay tuned, something a little different next week. 

Let's Eat! I HIGHLY recommend the scallops from Richard's Meat Market.

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