Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Over 30 folks rolled out for Tuesday Night World Championships. The group is growing each week as riders get more fit and want to test their fitness or just get in some hard training. I know for me it's too difficult to recreate similar efforts on any other ride aside from racing. Last night was proper, more in line with the true spirit of Worlds. Folks were chirping at each other in the parking lot before we even started. Tons of competitive spirit. The big guns were blazing and the route was perfect for a group hellbent on self-destruction. It felt fast and never really let up. Considering how hard winter was and that it's still only May I'm impressed with how the bunch is riding as a whole. To all the newbies at worlds don't take it personal when someone barks at you. Its usually for the safety of the group. To anyone interested in mixing it up with some of the strongest riders in the area or just want to participate in the most race-like training ride around come on out and give it a whirl! It's a lot of fun and I promise you will feel like you've ridden your bike. At the end of the day we are just a bunch of folks who love to ride and ride fast. 

The infamous Banana Bandit finds another victim. 

The attacks came early & often. Using traffic lights is totally legal but you might have a few adult words tossed your way.  

After a short regroup, errr sort of, slowwwwing, okay not really.

The sun finally came out. 

The group was still pretty big in the end. Good times.

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