Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Saturday Ride 5/10

Some serious horsepower in the bunch this morning. Folks are really starting to fly. We headed west out to Lincoln then south towards 59. A couple of the roads are some of my favorites. About 60 miles of Ozark goodness. It was the first humid ride of the season. I fell apart in the end.

 Headed west. 

There is something about Bethel Blacktop Rd. We never ride it slow for some reason.

 Spring colors are in full swing.

Just north of Lincoln Lake. 

No turns on the Gem Rd. climb make it mentally tough (0.6 miles, 257 feet gain). Congrats to Mark G for winning the KOM. 

Once on the ridge you get some killer views & twisty turny roads.

 Water stop was much needed. I lost 5 lbs on this ride and that's after 3 bottles and a Coke.

New bike alert! I'm digging the paint scheme.

The PRO police issued JV a warning for excessive stem usage. A warning because it's a new bike. Next time it's a fine for 200 Swiss francs.

Canehill Rd. is one of my favorites.

Super curvy up & down.

Hardly any traffic.


Good times.

Finally tailwind. Greasy Valley Rd. is great. I've seen a lot of bald eagles here in the winter. 

The rollers didn't hurt as much.

But this is about where things came unhinged for me. The power switch was flipped off.

I was craving salt. So I took a feather from Chris Horner's cap. Let's Eat!

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