Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Saturday Ride 5/24

Early morning rain showers left a ton of humidity in the air. With very little wind it was pretty sticky. A solid group showed up to tackle 52 miles of rolling Ozark terrain. The route was not easy with 3600 feet of gain in the form of relentless rollers which started to take a toll but the bunch managed well. What I did not expect was three flats, one rear derailleur cable breakage and one scary bottle jettison.  But all these things are part of the adventure of getting out on the roads. It's good to have a wrinkle thrown in every now and then. Just kinda weird to have 3 flats in one ride. I've been riding with this bunch for so many Saturday's now and it's great to see folks pitching in when needed. We also had a couple new faces. A rider from Austin Texas who was in town for the weekend and a rider who recently moved here from up north a Prof. at the U of A. It's great to meet new folks while exercising and enjoying the outdoors.

 First flat, not even 10 minutes in.

Rolling again. You can just see the humidity.

Gerald D's saddle or medieval torture device. Straight crabone fibre, no padding. I guess skinny kids can get away with such things. 

We headed northeast up to Beaver Lake.

Love this little stretch on Guy Terry Rd., roller coaster. 

Beaver Lake narrows to the right. Eventually turning into the White River.

We jumped on 412 for a mile or two. Kinda sketchy but Blue Springs Rd. is well worth it.


I always wonder what the gas station folks think when the 'biker' gang rolls up. We can be intimidating in our colorful stretchy pants.

Motley crew.

Out of Goshen we jumped on to Tuttle Rd. which connects to 74.

The bunch was riding solid tempo.

I decided to test the new steed on the descent of Round Mountain.  

Too much fun.

Third flat. 

We got Gerald D back up and pedaling pretty quick. 

If you haven't ridden Wyman Rd. yet, you don't know what you are missing.

Uh-oh cer-ve-lo.

First impressions of the R3 are VERY positive. Stay tuned. A short term review is coming.

Great morning now it's recovery time. I might need a IV.

Let's Eat! I wish I could buy stock in this place.

Much obliged Devin C! More then happy to assist. 


Ryan Dickerson said...

Sweetness on the new ride!

Robin G said...

Thanks! So far it has been great. Short term review coming shortly!

Anonymous said...

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