Friday, May 23, 2014

WHF Giveaway! Ended

Congrats! Matthew Johnson, you win. If you are local I'll leave it up at The Bike Route by Tuesday afternoon. If not you can find my email on the contact page. Hit me up with your address and I can mail it to you. Thanks to everyone for chiming in. I have some new cycling websites to checkout! 

It's Friday. It's Memorial Day weekend. The Giro is on. The weather is superb. I feel like giving something away! Hmmmm...  

Win a can of SLATHER (anti chafing cream) by Bentonville, Arkansas based SKIN STRONG. 

How do you win? Tell me what your favorite cycling websites are. Post it in the comments below.  

How do I leave a comment? 
If you are using a smart phone the link via Facebook is not allowing some comments to go through. Google/Safari search Wheels Hot Fayetteville with your phone/PC and follow the steps below to enter. Thanks!

1:Scroll down click Post a Comment
2:Enter your comment 
3:Select Name/URL, type your name
4:Click Publish Your Comment

The Rules
The winner will be randomly selected. 
The winner will be announced in a couple days.
Must be in the continental US (for mailing purposes)


Matthew Johnson said... Fun, knowledgable bunch who interact with people on twitter often. Also have an enjoyable podcast. I also have a print subscription to their magazine.

Richard Holt said...

Cycling in the South bay is a pretty good blog

Unknown said...

Wheels Hot Fayetteville I reckon. Pez daily distractions being a close second. Oh and if I win I will pass the butt creme on to finisher #2 as I'm totally content with my tried and true Equate (to Noxzema)derriere treatment. Plus I won the last drawing and made a certain foreign (Vietnamese? German? Aggie? All the above?) foot doctor very happy.

Robin G said...

Lol! Good stuff Jeff.

Kristen Walnofer said... - All the Pro races for free and some in their mother language! It's the go to in the Spring, May, July, and September parts of the season.

Wes B said...

Wheels Hot Fayetteville, Strava, Bicyling Magazine, Bike Girls, Road Bike Review, Competitive Cyclist, Fixed Gear Gallery, Drunk Cyclist, Evil Cycling, You Tube, Weight Weenies.. and more.

Unknown said...

Robin G said...

Good one! Matt B

Wes Bradshaw said...

Jeff, that Equate sounds a bit cheeky! Does it come in trial size?

Unknown said... the Colombia armada just took control of the giro today.

Michael Kirk said...

I like Red Kite Prayer. Check it out.

Unknown said...

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